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Hello. This is rajesh from Bangalore. I have recently come across Indian Sex Stories and am amazed to read all the stories. I feel few are friction and few are real but in any case they give lot of pleasure. So here iam to share my story and give you pleasure. I will introduce my appearance to you. Iam 5feet 10inched tall, asian complexion, little extra fats here and there. Average looking and 6 inches dick. Iam a 29 year old and am bisexual who like to have relation with both males and females and am married now. I will now straight come to my 1st gay experience. I was in 1st PUC and was in college. I was attracted by lot of females. But till then I was never attracted to a male. One fine day I had a big fight with my dad who was advising me to concentrate in studies rather than playing fool and around 6 in evening I lost it and left home in anger and knowing no where to head, I went to park near by my home know as Krishna rao park. It was late dusk and hardly could see any thing around. It was a big and thick park. Not many people were there and majority of them who were there were men. I was sitting quietly on a chair in one corner of park unknowing what delight waited for me. In few minutes I noticed many men passing by me noticed me closely.

I dint bother; just then one man in his late 30’s may be 36 or 38, came and sat next to me on the bench. I just had a glance and did not bother to look at him any further. In a minute or two he tried to say hello, which I replied as a gesture. He introduced himself as ravi and asked for my name which I didn’t want to tell him as I was annoyed but as I was not a kind of person I introduced myself “Hi iam rajesh”. He smiled and we shook hand, which he offered. Then there was silence for a minute or two. And then suddenly he made a movement and when I took glance towards him I saw he was unzipping and unhooking his pants and in few seconds he did that and started to play with his tool, which was hardly visible as it was dark by now in the park. I had a very strange feeling in my heart, which I just cannot explain. I turned back and then again there was silence was few seconds. Then he moved closer to me and I was feeling butterflies in my stomach. He reached for my legs and towards my leg. I was enjoying it and he started to massage my upper leg.

It gave me good feeling and I was enjoying his touch. It was really amazing that a male stranger was playing with me and I being straight that time did not object it. He knew by then that I was enjoying it or may want it or may be even he would have thought that I was there for that as later I came to know that this park in evening turns into a gay park. OK back to story he straight away reached for my cock from over my pants. The very 1st touch ran shock waves in my body; I wanted to enjoy this new experience. He caressed my cock for few minutes till it turned fully hard and was ready to tear out from my trousers. He then took my hand and helped it reach his bear cock in his underwear. It was hot, hard and little wet may be because of pre cum. It was little bigger than mine. I hold it very softly, thinking what I was doing.

And then ravi unzipped my pant and tried to reach my cock but as I was wearing tight jeans he could not so he opened hook of my jeans and pushed his hand on my cock. I jumped as he touches my bare cock. He relaxed me and started to run his finger on top of the cock, which was wet by now. He enjoyed the wetness on top of my cock. He ran his finger over my dick and took out his hand from my underwear and put his finger straight into his mouth. I felt he was dirty. While all these things happen I did not realize that other people who were passing by us stared at us trying to make out what was happening and seeing them I tried to close my pants on which ravi told that there is no problem as all who were passing by were also gays and as I was new in this place all of them wanted a piece of me. I was amazed by these words but then I myself opened my pants giving clear indication that I was longing for more.

Now he did something, which I will never forget as it had happen to me 1st time. He slept on my lap and took my cock in his mouth. Ohhhhhhh I moaned as he sucked it 1st time. He ran his lips all over it right from the below the 2 balls and right upto my bush which he smelled I felt. However I loved his suck and also was little embarrassed with things happening also scared as people were passing by us. He sucked slowly and then he increased his pace and I holded his cock hard and moved it too and fro. He sucked hard and fast which I took till his finger reached my ass hole, which he pressed against the walls of hole and then slowly pushed into the hole and moved it up and down. This was too much for me and I blasted out my sperms in his mouth and ravi took all of them and drank them till my cock wet dry. I relaxed and he got off my lap and now it was my turn to do the same which I dint wanted to do so I tried to excuse saying people are looking.

He replied that he was a goldsmith from kolkatta and his shop was close by and we can go there and have fun. Reluctantly I said OK. We came out of park and he guided me to parking where his maruti van was parked. It was quite deserted parking as it was on a lonely road with no streetlight. He suddenly turned towards me and said “if you want we can have fun in van also”. Now I had to tell him truth that I thought sucking dick is unhealthy and I dint want to do it. He laughed and said its totally OK and asked me “is this yours 1st time” and I replied ashamed “ye—yes”. He told no problem get into the van I will give you lot of pleasure and as he was so gentle, I got into the van. He locked the doors once we were inside and took of all his clothes and now was nude in front of me and I was zapped. He asked me to feel his cock which was again getting hard. I did it.

He then asked me to give a try or taste the cock, and if I like I could go on otherwise I can drop it. I did just that and found the taste very salty and smelly which today I feel was heaven. I just dropped it right there. He laughed again and said OK no problem may be some other time. Then he asked me “ do you want a ass lick. As I did not give him a blowjob, I felt bad saying yes but as I wanted it I said loudly yes. He asked me to take of my pants and underwear, which I did immediately. He made me sleep on my knees and my butt right up which opened my ass hole a little bit. He positioned him self in such a way that he got full acces of my asshole. He first smelled it and said “not bad”; he then ran he tong from below the balls right up to my waist covering the asshole on way that was some thing. Then he ran his finger over the hole and then he pushed the finger in the hole, which I loved it.

He licked all over it and then pushed his tong inside the hole, fucking my hole with his tong. After few strokes he got up and I was in heaven breathing heavily and as I asked why did you stop he said he was not feeling very horny and he pleaded me to give him blowjob. I said OK but by then my dick was also hard and wanted a blowjob, which he noticed and he said that we would go 69. I knew 69 position and straight away we got into position but I asked ravi not to discharge in my mouth and he sweared not to. I again reluctantly took his cock in my mouth slowly and ravi by now was stroking my cock with his mouth. I dint like the taste at all but as I enjoyed ravi giving me blowjob I forgot totally me giving ravi the same and continued. And I don’t know when I started to like it and gave a real hard and fast ones to ravi, which was enough for him to sperm out.

He tried not to leak in my mouth and pull but I dint realize the same and holed his cock too hard in my mouth as I was leaking at that time in his mouth. He drank all of mine and his sperms were in my mouth and I was feeling bad and dint want to gulp it so I opened the window and spitted it out of van.I then went to that park many a times and had fun with many guy’s but at the same time I found many guy’s who were dangerous and wanted to rob people in dark. If you like my story and want to have fun and are from bangalore, let me know. My email is I will wait for all of your replies and comments. As well any good hearted and decent looking guy who wants to have fun and short relation can email me.

My ass started to drip and took more of his cock

Hi all, my name is Zohan. I am a mechanical engineer and working as a production engineer in a company in Delhi. This story is about me and my roommate when i was in college. His name is Gaurav. I have done my graduation from Jaipur. I am a normal guy with average features. I have the same keenness and knowledge as anybody would have at my age. My age is 23 and i had taken admission 6 years back. At that time i was not that much open-minded but now i have so many experiences in my life.

Basically i am from Ajmer, Rajasthan. After passing my 12th exams i got admission in a private engineering college. Like all the teenagers i had also the same plans and image in my mind that every boy in college can get a girlfriend in the college. At the time of admission i was thinking who will be my roommate and which type of nature he would have. After getting allotted a room in my hostel i came to know that my roommate was from the same city Ajmer. This thing made me a little bit comfortable that he is from my city and after having some conversation with him i came to know, we have a mutual friend. Thus we were freer with the mind to think that we have to share with someone unknown.

Days were passing and slowly we became very close friends. Now we started to share all our secrets and all those naughty things. At that time none of us had any dirty thinking in our mind. After 1st semester exam result, both were passed and he bought a laptop. Now both friends used to watch movie with some more friends but as there was hostel rule that no one will go in others room after 12 so after that both of us used to watch movie. One day he bought a porn movie cd. I also was excited because after so many days i was going to watch porn. In night after everybody went to their room we started to watch porn. By passing of days it became a routine to watch porn in every weekend and jack off.

One day while watching porn he asked me to hold his dick and jack him off and he will do the same to me. That time i thought he is joking as we used to have this type of conversation but soon i realized that he is in mood and i was also got excited to see his dick. As when i saw his tent i got to know he has a long dick. Our beds were nearby one others and that was making a large space.

One night when i was in sleep i felt someone is trying to hold my dick. Instantly i got excited but acted as i was in sleep. I wanted to know what he wanted to do. I was sleeping on one side with my face to wall and back to Gaurav. Slowly he came near to me. I felt his dick is poking in my ass. It was winter season. He slowly moved his hand over my lower where my dick was and it got an instant erection. He slowly held my dick and started to tight his grip over my dick. Then he slowly came near to me and started rubbing his dick between my ass cheek over the lower. I was not moving and acted as i am sleeping. Now he took his dick out of his bermooda and started rubbing his dick after my ass. I was not giving any motion. Slowly he increased his strokes and acted as he is fucking my ass. He was breathing heavily and i could feel his breathe over my back. Suddenly i felt wet over my ass. I understood he ejaculated all his sperms over my lower.

Next day i woke up and acted normal but he was not seeing my eyes. I understood that he is feeling guilty of what he did last night. I didn’t say anything to him. Soon he started to behave normally. 3-4 days passed and no one felt bad. After 3-4 days in night when i was in deep sleep i again felt his hands over my dick. Today he forwarded to one more step. He inserted his hand in my lower and hold my dick. I got an instant erection as his cold hands were holding my dick. Now he started shake me and started rubbing his cock in my ass over the lower. I got excited by his act of touching my dick. Now he lowered his burmooda and also my lower from behind and as he did this my hairless ass came in direct contact with his cock. His cock was about 6 inches long and mine is 5 inches. I don’t know why didn’t resist him. I was having fun in that play. In my school days i used to insert my fingers in my ass. In starting it won’t go a single finger but slowly i was able to insert two of my fingers.

This thing made my asshole open. Now i was having more excitement and goose bumps to know that a real dick is going to penetrate my ass. He spit on his dick and on my asshole and caressed for a while. He saw no objection from me then he moved further. He holds my dick with his right hand and started to masturbate me. Now he started to push his dick in my ass crack. His dick was not going in. I was in sideways position and now i was lying on my stomach. I lift my ass to give him more access to my ass. He pushed 2 3 times but his dick was not going in. Now he stood and took the coconut hair oil and put in on his dick and on my ass too. Now he tried again to insert his dick. I lifted my ass spread my legs. I wanted to take and feel his dick inside my ass.

Suddenly he gave a thrust and his dick head inserted my asshole. I felt a great pain in my ass and moved upwards. He caressed my back and started to squeeze my dick and started to jack me off. Soon my pain lowered. Now he again tried to insert his dick. He pushed himself towards my ass and his long fat dick started to slip in my ass. He gave me another thrust and whole dick went inside my ass. But this time i didn’t felt much pain and started to get sensations and goose bumps in my ass. I was feeling his hot and heavy dick is inside me. That was making me hornier. My ass started to drip and took more of his cock. Now he was sliding more of his dick and i was feeling his sensations and was in heaven. I took my dick started to rub. My dick was oozing cum. I was feeling great. He was humping me hard and fucking my ass hard. I liked his strokes in my ass. His dick was so soft and was feeling great in my ass. I was feeling the pleasure of being fucked in my ass.

After 10 min of fucking he started to cum in my ass and started making sounds…. Aaaaahhhhhh aaaahhhhh…. Hhhmmmm… Fuckk… He came in my ass at that time i also was rubbing my dick and about to cum then he hold my dick and started to rub hard. My dick was wet with my precum and became slippery. I could not hold longer and started to cum……….. That was very intense fucking ejaculation.

First time ejaculated this much load and was exhausted. Next night i fucked his ass. His ass was open because in school days he used to be fucked with his neighbor. This became a routine for both of us. And we started enjoy daily. This is my first writing so my language may not be proper but i think u must have enjoyed.

Gay Pleasure

I am very New to this Sex stories and i had been reading all the stories from last 2 months Especially related to Gay Sex Stories…I dont know how many are true…… But i would like to put my story which will reflect my feelings towards this…….No……… I dont know that i had love feelings towards gays sex or just sex… But i am pretty sure that i have got feelings towards sexxxxxxxxxxxxx……..

To describe my self, i am arun 5.7 ht and slim personality in Bangalore…,,,,, And as stated by many writers……. Yes i do have got those feelings……

Well To start my Story…… I am not a Gay basically….. But really desperate to have some Sex,,,,,, I use to watch many pron sites and like to masturbate myself all the day when i am alone…… I love to imagine myself in several ways but haven’t started imagining as one who loves to do sex with males until this incident took place……Well i live in Hyderabad (but now in Bangalore) in a single room which i took for rented…..

I do masturbate but after masturbation i do get feelings that,,, am i wasting time for just this 2 min of happiness.. this is just to brief my feelings…

Well, i do stay with one of my younger cousin who is as well slim as me. , I was 26 and he is 23.. I have the habit of boozing and on one weekend i brought some Liquor and started boozing and it was around 9 in my room…

My cousin (raghu),,, he too want to taste it and he expressed that he wants to drink,,, so we started drinking (Royal Stag) and played some horror movie. (As you all know that horror movie contains some hot scenes i used to enjoy it)….

And we completed boozing by 10:30 with lots of chit chats.. (not on sex of course)…….,,,,,, After watching the movie, i was little bit horny and i was just waiting for my cousin to go to sleep so that i can masturbate my self and sleep well……

Well we both went to bed and to say about my room,, it was a 1 bed room with a kitchen and toilet…And we have two beds one for me and one for my cousin…. and he kept on chatting with me ,,,,,,,, Where i got bored and left to sleep,,,,,,,,,

But later in midnight i got wake up to piss and completed and came back to bed… while turning off the lights i had observed his erected dick…….This is the first moment where i got a view of a male aroused dick……,,,,,, But of course i never though of having sex,,,,,,,,

And at some time in sleep, he kept his hand on my dick. My Dick got erected to 90 Degrees.

My cousin gunned towards me in full boozed state and i am sure that he is not in intention of sex but had been dreaming of some horny moments in his dreams.I was in unknown state,, but just took some courage to turn towards him but do nothing.. His hand was now on my back and its just like we are sleeping by hugging each other…..

I just moved little bit towards his and i could feel his breath out air on my chest….

Believe me or not, this was the first time i ever hugged a gal or boy….. But i was aroused like anything….All sexy thoughts were running in my mind….. But suddenly some thing came on my mind that its sin, so i turned to other direction and was trying to get sleep,

At some time, he kept one of his leg on me and his dick was toching my back… (its all that he was in sleep and not done intentionally)…

Now i could feel his dick moving slightly. Unintentionally i moved my ass little bit back so that his dick can touch my ass cheeks fully..Wow what a feeling he is hugging me from back…I could not control my feelings i again turned towards his face and now the position is like we are hugging and sleeping..My dick started touching his dick as well. After getting much confidence that he is in deep sleep i moved little bit forward and hugged him… A great feeling,, which i could not forget till day.

I placed my hand on his ass and started caressing. Probably this made him to wake up.. but he started enjoying without making any moments..His breathing speed is increased and i could feel the warmth on my chest.. Suddenly he hugged me tightly and crossed his legs around me.

Now this made me horny as well i started feeling that it was a wrong thing. But he started moving his hand on my ass which made me much horny.

I took the Action and kissed him on his lips. To my surprise he parted his lips and started playing with my lips,, This is the first time i am
ever tasking a guys or gals lips….

I suddenly got scared and stopped doing.. He whispered in my ears that,,, Anna it was good while u r doing this…. Lets just hug and sleep.
I got much courage now and hugged him tightly. I took his cock in my hand and started moving it back and front He did the same as well. He came down and sucked my cock and i did as well.He turned back showing his back towards me on bed, then i started kissing his neck and pumping my cock on his ass.(No Anal)…after 1 min i cummed… later,,,, i showed my buttons and he did the same……

This was my first experience and of course we do enjoy but no anal…I am not sure if u might like my story, but this is what i had experienced.

If you want to share just mail me at…