Anjali pukuu chelchu rrraaa nandu dengu ra fast ga denguuu...

Hi all this is Nandu from Andhra Pradesh. I just want to share my experince with you all. This is first time I am sharing the story please don’t mind if there are any mistakes and please write your comments so that improve my self coming to story it happened almost 3 years back when I was studying my graduation in my home town. I am good looking guy fair in color and good height and weight. This incident happened with one of neighbor aunty her name is Anjali. She is of about 31 years good looking women with good shapes and figure and she use to stay opposite to our house. I used to visit their house now and then for small purposes the thing is her husband has habit of drinking and so she was not satisfied with her in any ways. I used to go their house for some or the other thing and I use to like here the war she wore a sarree. You don’t belive me even though she is of 31 she looks like 26 or 27.

it was my first time and both of us were pretty scared

this is priyadarshini from pondy. now am happily married with my husband in chidambaram. my husband, sathya is working in MNC and i have a child. my breast is 32C . my husband doesn’t know abt this incident. He just knows that am not virgin. am 2006 passed out from a famous engineering college in pondy and i did my engineering in EEE. this incident happened in my final year(2006) on the last day my college. in my final year project, i had a guy named ramesh. he cared for me a lot. i had a crush on him, but didn’t tell even to my best friend. during the last face, my lust was growing too much and i was pretty desperate for him. but didn’t show it to him.

Since this is the first time, let us not go all the way

Hi guys. I am Vishal (20). I am an engineering college student in Chennai. I am here to share my first time sexual experience. I have a girlfriend, Preethi (20). I don’t want you to bore with the story of how we met and how we fell in love and all. I will directly come to part which is the topmost priority right now. My native is not Chennai. So I live with friends in a rented house in Velacherry. But Preethi’s native is Chennai only. She is from Mylapore. One day while chatting with Preethi in whatsapp, the conversation heated up. Suddenly we were talking about her period’s days, how she masturbates, her boob size and other things. I was horny. My penis was out of control. I knew that she was also horny. So I asked her for an image of her boobs and send it via whatsapp. She was reluctant. She said “I won’t send any naked photos.

I am enjoying with you for today

I am writing a few lines detailing my experiences into the world of sex. People may choose to consider them as fantasies but this story is very real. I was staying and studying in Mysore, in Karnataka doing my diploma in electronics and had to work also to enable me to pay my fees and for my day to day expenses. I choose to drive a taxi (private), taking people on tours to places of tourist interest. Mysore is the tourist capital of Karnataka and the link to various places in Kerala, Tamilnadu and Karnataka. A large number of tourists come here every year. Since I am proficient in Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and Telugu, I had an advantage over my colleagues in the taxi business, since customers ask for people who know the local and their own language.However moving into my story, I used to drive the taxi to various tourist spots in and out of Mysore. I got a contract to drive a Bengali family to Ooty one day.

Neighbor Aunt – Manjiri and her Sister in Law

I am Vishal aged 29 yrs of age and staying in Pune near Wanoworie. I stay with my parents on 4th floor and there is a couple staying in the flat next to our flat. The husband aged 38 yrs and his wife Manjiri (Extremely fair, and having stat 38 34 36 with nice ass and round boobs) aged 34 yrs. About 15 days back my parents had gone for a wedding out of town and I was alone in the house. As I have my own business, my office hours are flexible. It was a saturday 19th Sep 09, I was at home feeling little lazy to do any work and was In holiday mood. At my home, I was planning to see some blue films and stuff like that and thinking whom I can have to to have a nice memorable fuck.

Ramesh with Tenant --- Part-02

Hi guys this is Ramesh(name changed).This is my second posting from me and this is a story in which I’m involved. Any horny women or aunties who crave for dick staying in Hyderabad can contact and mail me at in my previous posting I told Sandhya lives in my friend Kiran’s house for rent. Even though I don’t care about her details in depth we were very close. Until then i did not have any intentions on her but from the time I encountered the fucking scene between Kiran and her sexual intentions for her grew.

Ramesh with Tenant --- Part-01

Hi guys, this is Ramesh (name changed) and I’m from Hyderabad. I’m a regular reader of the site and this is my first posting and believes me guys it’s a real story and no fantasies are involved in it. Any horny women or aunts can contact and mail me at is a story about my friend who had sexual intercourse with the aunt living in his for rent. Her name is Sandhya(a widow) and a mother of two and I never cared to ask more details about her she is 45 years old and fair in complexion and her height is 5’5.her breast are very voluptuous

Aunt Welcomes Me On Return To India

It was during Diwali. I had come home from abroad. I was he first son in my family to go abroad. I expected nothing less than a full-fledged welcome by my family. They were all excited to know what all i did in America. There was so much to tell and so much to hide too. I would be asked questions about my studies college friends and places that i had seen in America. Different people asked me different questions and some were embarrassing for me to answer, like how many girlfriends do i have and stuff. There is this one aunt of mine, Suman, she is damn close to me. She kept of asking how many girlfriends I have. I would always ignore that question. She would ask me in private as to how many times i have had sex and how it was. I really wanted to tell someone about my experiences but wasn’t sure if she was the right person.

Making Love With My Hot Gf Pooja

Hi friends i m Vishal..M 27 year old living in Mumbai…It is my first story on this site ….My gf name is Pooja…She is 24 year old….First i will tell about her…She is 5 ft 5 inch tall….She has nice body more than that she is v cute looking but hot girl….She has one of d best figure u can imagine….She is v fair with pink juicy lips…Her boobs r soft big n round with perky milky light brown nipple…She has thin n flat waist with deep navel…Her figure is 34-26-34…

Wife Dominates With Help Of Her Boss

It is happened and still happening at my place. I am a guy working in a private firm. I married and brought my wife to my work place. She worked earlier with some company as receptionist cum secretary. She was little extrovert and I am not. To support family, I told her to look for some job. During that time I happened to meet my boss in some shopping mall, he saw my wife for the 1st time. Our firm is a proprietary firm and he is the owner of the firm. We chatted for some time. He was speaking to me more friendlily as in the office I am at a clerical post and he never spoke to me. Certainly my wife was very sexy in looks and features. She was wearing a sari very low at waste and deep neck blouse. He then started to speak to my wife and looking at the naval part. She is very cordially speaking to him. I have seen an excitement in her eyes. He offered us coffee which I refused but my wife accepted immediately. Since she already worked with male companion she was quite comfortable. We sat for coffee I asked only coffee he asked what my wife will have, she said whatever and they had some snacks and coffee they were taking more time to be together. He then asked whether she is working or not now he is speaking only to my wife and not to me. She said she is looking for a job. He asked what your experience is, she said she has experience and receptionist and secretary. He asked do you know the duties and responsibilities of secretary. She said I know well with a smile. My earlier BOSS still calls me. I left the job due to marriage. He said she can be taken in our company but will you be comfortable in working where your husband is working. I said I don’t think any problem. He said then she can work with our company as secretary to him and in his office. His office is not in our wing it is in the first floor. Any how we have concluded but he said don’t let others in the office know that you are husband and wife so we both should take care of this.

Bonded My Intoxicated Aunty And Went Wild

Myself Dinesh.this is a true story and my first real wild experience with a woman which happened when I was just out of my teens.Like every boy of that age I was very very horny and sexually active.The objects of my desire were usually my teachers,friends and yes my own aunty too. My aunt sangeeta was a very simple woman aged around 35-40 , and like all typical marwadi women, she used to wear sexy figure hugging and exposing sarees.As far as she was concerned , her navel and cleavage was just like any other body part which she would flaunt readily.She was not very educated though however very sweet and sexy and friendly with me too, needless to say I have shagged thousands of time thinking of her and I was always thinking of a way to just get her to bed.My chance would come soon. My uncle was a businessman and he had his own shop.It was from a friend of mine that I got to know this shocking news.My aunt had an extra marital affair with a man from our locality .This man apparently was an ex lover of hers.I decided to check on her and catch her red handed.Soon enogh I got what I wanted from her mobile phone.I happened to read some of the lewd messages that this man sent her and she forgot to delete them.Since she was friendly with me I asked her about it .She was shocked to know that I had come to know about it and she begged me not to tell anyone since ours was a conservative family,she would be in big trouble.I knew that was my chance.I could get what I wanted from her.I told her not to worry and things continued as normal for a few days.

శ్రుతి రావే నీ పూకు పగల దెంగుతా.... Part-04

మధ్యానం 2 గంటలకు, అక్కడ అందరు జంటలె వచ్చారు, అందరు చేతుల్లో గ్లాస్ పట్టుకొని ఎవరికీ తోచింది వారు మాట్లాడుతున్నారు, అది పట్టా పగలు అయిన, అర్ధ రాత్రిలా అంతా చీకటి గా ఉంది, చిన్న చిన్న లైట్లు అంత అచ్చం రాత్రి లాగానే ఉంది అక్కడ వాతావరణం. అక్కడ విందు కొలీగ్ పలకరించడంతో శృతి ని వదిలేసి వాళ్ళతో చేరిపోయాడు విందు, తను అక్కడ అందరిని గమనిస్తూ చిన్నగా అడుగులు వేస్తూ మ్యూజిక్ ని ఎంజాయ్ చేయ సాగింది, అప్పుడు వెనక నుంచి హాయ్ మిసేస్స్ విందు అని ఒక పలకరింపుతో ఉలిక్కిపడి వెనక్కు తిరిగింది శృతి, శృతి వాళ్ళ అయన బాస్, హాయ్ శృతి ఎక్కడ మీ హస్బెండ్ అన్నాడు బాస్, తను అటు ఇటు చూసి ఇక్కడే ఎక్కడో ఉన్నారు సర్ అనింది, ఎవరు గోలలో వాళ్ళు ఉంటె మెల్లగా మాటల్లో పెట్టి అటు పక్కన ఉన్న సోఫా దగ్గరికి శృతి ని తీస్కెళ్ళాడు బాస్, శృతి ఎనీ డ్రింక్ అన్నాడు, వద్దు సర్ అనింది, బాస్ మాట్లాడుతున్నదే గాని చూపు మొత్తం శృతి పైట వెనుక దాక్కున్న బంతులపైనే ఉంది ఎప్పుడెప్పుడు జాకెట్ ని చించి బ్ర ని పైకి లేపి అమృతం దాక్కున్న చోటుని తన నోటితో పీల్చి పిప్పి చేయాలనీ తెగ ఊగిపోతున్నాడు,

శ్రుతి రావే నీ పూకు పగల దెంగుతా.... Part-03

ఇక జఫ్ఫార్ తన బొటన వేలిని సిద్దం చేసి కరెక్ట్ గా తనపూ బాగానికి రాయబోతూ ఉండగా. ఆర్డర్ తిస్కోడానికి బేరర్ వచ్చాడు, మేడం యువర్ ఆర్డర్ అన్నాడు, అంతే ఇద్దరు సర్దుకుని ఎవరి సీట్లల్లో వాళ్ళు నీట్ గా కూర్చున్నారు, రాధ ఆర్డర్ ఇస్తూ ఉండగా, జఫ్ఫార్ ఎక్స్ క్యుస్మి జస్ట్ ఇప్పుడే వస్తా అని చెప్పి బాత్ రూమ్ కి వెళ్ళాడు, తను వచ్చేలోపు జఫ్ఫార్ సీట్ లో రాధ కూర్చుంది అంటే శృతి సీట్ పక్కనుంచి ఎదురుగ కూర్చుంది తనను చూసి పర్లేదు అటు వెళ్లి కూర్చో అంది రాధ, అతను తటపటయిస్తూ శృతి పక్కన కూర్చున్నాడు, మళ్ళి ఏవో మాటల్లో పడ్డారు, అల మాటల్లో ఉండగా మెల్లిగా శృతి నడుముని జాఫర్ తన చేత్తో పాట్టుకుని ఒత్తాడు, తను కాస్త చిన్నగా అతని నుంచి దూరం జరిగింది, తను చేతిని తీసి శృతి నడుము వెనక బాగము మీద తన వేళ్ళతో మీటాడు, శృతి పరిస్థితి అస్తవ్యస్తంగా ఉంది, భయం కొత్తదనం, ఏమనుకుంటారో అని వెనకడుగు వేస్తుంది, పైగా రాధ మాటల మధ్యలో జఫ్ఫార్ కి బాగా పలుకుబడి ఉందని తనకు పెద్ద పెద్ద వాళ్ళు తెలుసు అని చెప్పడంతో, కోపాన్ని ముని పంటితో పెదవి అంచునే దాచేసింది, అల నడుము మీద పాకుతున్న జాఫర్ చెయ్యి మెల్లిగా సందు చేసుకుంటూ నడుము దగ్గర ఉన్న చీర అంచుని తాకింది,

శ్రుతి రావే నీ పూకు పగల దెంగుతా.... Part-02

ఎందుకో తను చేస్తున్న పని తప్పు అని ఒక్కసారిగా గుర్తుకు వచ్చింది శృతి కి, చాల సేపు గింజుకున్న తరువాత అతను వెళ్ళిపోయాడు అని నిర్దారించుకుని బయటకు మెల్లగా వచ్చింది, తను లేడు, నెమ్మదిగా ఊపిరి తీస్తూ తన బట్టల్లని తీస్కొని స్నానం చేయడానికి వెళ్ళిపోయింది. హాయ్ గా స్నానం చేసాకా, ఇంకా అక్కడే ఉంటె, తన బ్రతుకు ఏమీ అవుతుందో అని బయమేసి తన భర్త ఇంటికి రాగానే, నాకు ఇంట్లో ఉండబుద్ది కావడం లేదు పిచ్చి పిచ్చి కలలు వస్తున్నాయి, చాల ఆందోళనకరంగా ఉంటుంది మీరు వెళ్ళిపోయాక, దయ్యాలు ఉన్నాయోమో అని అనుమానంగా ఉంది అని భర్త ను బయపెట్టింది, పొద్దుపొడవక ముందే వేరే ఇంటికి షిఫ్ట్ అయ్యారు, మళ్ళి మాములు రోజులు వారానికి ఒకసారి భర్త తో ఊగడం, ఇంటి పనులు పిల్లాడి పనులు షారా మములై పోయింది, ఇలా ఉండగా ఒక రోజు తను బజార్ కి వెళ్తుంటే